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Variable Data


Everyone knows that the hand written address has the best response rate of direct mail, but when you have 200+ pieces of mail to address it just doesn’t become feasible. Even doing a mail merge onto labels and hand applying them to the envelopes can waste hours of a person’s day.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our addressing services.  With a simple excel file when can print the addresses directly onto the envelope. Saving the customer huge amounts of time, and increasing their professional appearance.

Personalizing Artwork

Everyone loves to receive mail with their name on it. A post card with a picture that relates to their favorite hobby, or a coupon with their favorite food or drink on it. Any of these things can make a person take notice, and potentially act upon that mailing.  This is every business’s dream, and with our variable data software we are able to personalize artwork by interchanging names, dates, pictures, virtually any information that can increase the response rate of the customer’s mailing.




Forms, contracts, invoices, estimates, raffle tickets, and a number of other types of printing use a revolving number system to keep track of them.  This use to be done through a machine with rolling steal numbers that would apply ink to the printed piece.  Limiting size, font, and color to the machine it was being numbered on.  Now with variable data, we can place the numbering in any place, any size, any font, and any color.  Making numbering a personalized part of their printing.

Bar Coding

An alpha numeric code that is used to identify a specific product or file in a system.  With an excel spreadsheet of alpha numeric codes, we can translate those codes into bar codes that can be used for a variety of purposes from file security to inventory control.  We can bar code your artwork and prepare it for printing.

QR Codes

A marketing tool that is used to draw interaction to a website.  With a simple scan, a potential client can look at your website, find out your address, look up your phone number, or send you an email.  With a provided URL we can generate a QR code to help best market to your next potential customer.

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