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Marketing Package


Quick and easy to pass out, these are great to through at people or to just leave on a table for someone to pick up.  Full of information, flyers can be complete generalized to give a brief over view of a company, or laser focused to tell about one particular product or service.  A great idea is to include a coupon or incentive on the flyer.  People that walk away with one are for more likely to look over it to discover the details.

Starting at $150.00


Informative and instructive, these hand outs are at their very best in a sales approach. They act as a bullet point dialogue for the sales person and potential client to follow. These are best when specialized to a particular product or service where the information can be extensive and concise. Giving the client everything they need to walk away and make an informed decisive decision about that they want to do.

Starting at $300.00

Rack Card

Great in a stand in an office, or placed at individual seats for a presentation.  Rack cards are a quick and easy way to grab the attention of client, help them focus on what is of interest, and it gives them something to walk away with to reference at a later time.  Whether it is for a product, a service, or a general over view of the company or individual, we can create the right look for you to get your message across to the client.

Starting at $75.00


The must have for direct mail marketing.  The postcard can take up a small section and get lost in the other junk mail, or it can take up the whole mailbox, making it the most visual piece of mail that someone receives.  Ensuring that almost every single time the recipient will see this piece and take a moment to evaluate it’s value. It also acts as a great hand our for trade shows, festival events, or simply a leave behind on a sales call.

Starting at $150.00 

4 Piece Marketing Package

Can’t make up your mind on which one is best for your company?  You don’t have to! Combine all four elements together for a cohesive marketing plan that ties all your designs together.  Professional respect the business owner who shows themselves as being well structured, organized, and fluent in the different aspects of their business.  Bring all together with this package and really wow them!

Starting $500.00

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