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Mail Preparation

List Rental

A direct mail marketing campaign uses list rentals to identify specific people and addresses who share common features in common.  Age, income, household size, etc can all be used to better target an individual who would benefit from a particular product or service.  Being able to identify these characteristics before mailing can save a customer significant amounts of  money in prevented waste print and postage.  It will also increase their response rate thus increasing the potential of a sale with a individual or business.

List Cleansing

A list cleansing is critically important when doing a direct mail campaign.  It validates addresses with in 90 days, and corrects potential problems with your list.  List formatting, removing duplicate listings, correcting missing information from addresses, are all steps that are taken to prepare your list for mailing.  A list cleansing  prevents mail from being returned as undelivered, it prevents potential customers from receiving it two or more times, and thus increases your professionalism while saving you money in wasted postage.

Sort & Prep

Sorting and preparation is critically important when working with the United States Postal Service.  Each type of business mailing has a certain way that each address has to be sorted, banded, wrapped, and prepared before being delivered to the BMU department of the post office.   Whether you are doing a first class bulk postage, marketing mail, political mailing, or every door direct mail, we have all the necessary permits and experience to make sure your mailing to exactly the way the post office wants it for a perfect mailing.

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